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You have landed on this page after reading all the details, success stories, case studies, in-depth training modules and the Four Pillars of success. 

Now you are looking for the next step.

What makes Rai$ing Capital Academy unlike anything else out there is just how FAST and how reliably it works.

The success stories and detailed case-studies speak for themselves.
Now it’s your turn to join the ranks of the professionals...
Just imagine how many properties you can purchase, when you plug into a community of like-minded Real Estate Investors, all working together to help you succeed. 

HERE’S WHAT YOU GET (including BONUSES & special limited time offers) ...
1: Full Access To The Entire Community & Program … 
As you’ve seen in example after example on the previous page, you’re potentially just one property away from accomplishing your goals.

I can help you create it. 

When you join the Rai$ing Capital Academy, you’ll tap into a community of passionate, action-oriented Real Estate Investors, dedicated to helping each other overcome one of the most significant obstacles you will encounter as a Real Estate Investor... 
Where to access the money to keep you moving forward???
The moment you join, you’ll have full, instant access to the entire program, which means you can progress as fast as you want. 

By the time you’re done, you’ll have a complete and working knowledge of mastering the Most Valuable Skill in Real Estate. 
2: My Private Vault of Professional Documents & Resources …
In addition to access to the community and the program, I’m also giving you free access to my private vault of documents & resources.

The resources you have at your fingertips are worth 10X what you have invested in as part of your enrollment in this community.

There is real and tangible cost saving. But more importantly, there are time and expertise savings associated with these documents. 20+ years of expertise and field-testing have gone into creating each of these resources.

Many of these documents are pre-made, fill-in-the-blanks, and ready to implement.

This is a collection of some of the most successful sales presentations in the world… Scripts that have made millions, and even billions in sales, on autopilot.  

This asset alone is worth 10X the price of the entire program … but I’m going to give it to you for free when you join today.
3: Instant $2,500 Discount…
Rai$ing Capital Academy is normally $4,997, which is an absolute steal when you consider that owning one more property could conservatively add $100,000 to your bottom-line net worth over the next few years.

When I originally ran this by some of my top students, they said I would be crazy to offer it for anything less than $4,000 (especially when I’m adding in coaching). Obviously, they know the value because they’ve experienced the results for themselves.

Well, for the next week only, I’m offering my existing clients and readers a massive $2,500 discount, which means you can become part of the community and tap into the entire program for just $2,497

That’s a whopping 50% savings from the normal retail price.

Now while that discount is massive, it does come with a catch… This special $2,497 price is only good until registration closes, so if you want to master this skill set, and save $2,500 in the process, you must act now.
4: One-Time Price, Lifetime Access; Before The Price Increases …
Once current registration is over, not only is the $2500 discount going away, but the price will be increasing and will become a monthly/yearly subscription model.

This will be the last opportunity you will have before the price increases and the subscription model kicks in.

I’m sure you are tired of being ‘subscriptioned’ to death. Everything now comes with a monthly fee. (I’ve recently heard of a car manfacturer that offers a subscription for the heated seats option.)

Sometimes you just want to own outright what you invested in, and not have to keep paying each month/year forever.

With this limited time offer, and before the upcoming price increase … you have the opportunity to invest ONCE and have access FOREVER. No monthly or yearly fees!!!

You will have access for life to all the updates, improvements and additional training that’s offered within Rai$ing Capital Academy.

So, if you are interested in lifetime access, and not have to keep renewing your access … register today!
5: FREE Spouse, Significant Other or Business Partner …
This community supports and sets you up to WIN! That’s why you have the opportunity of enrolling alongside you a spouse, significant other or business partner, for FREE!

You read that correctly. This is an unreal opportunity. 

If you have belonged to any other program, they will always charge you for your significant other to participate alongside you in the program.

I want to remove all barriers to your success. And having your significant other on this journey, mastering the same skillset you are … is essential to you winning.

If you are serious about winning and investing in your success, I’ll make a serious investment alongside you. 

Consider this additional $2500 bonus as my serious investment in your success.

Once you register (and grab the instant discount & all the applicable bonuses), all you have to do is send us an email with your significant other’s name and email address. Then we’ll set them up with the exact same access as you will have.

This is an exclusive offer. And if you think about it, you are being offered a 2-for-1 opportunity.
6: Two (2) One-on-One Coaching Sessions (For The Next 7, 5, 3, 2 Registrations)…
Whether it’s business, sales, sports, or Real Estate Investing, the fine line between top performers and everyone else typically comes down to one thing: 
Access to the best coaches 
and mentors who provide 
you invaluable guidance, 
wisdom and support.
You have no doubt read the transformational stories of some of our existing Real Estate investors in Rai$ing Capital Academy. Without a doubt you can see the positive results these exceptional people have accomplished.

Taking the Best of the Best, and making them even better, is what I’m really good at. I’d like to help YOU on that journey.

If you are one of the lucky next 7, 5, 3, 2 people to take me up on this offer … you will be offered 2 private one-on-one coaching sessions directly with myself.

Please note: Due to the significant time commitment of this bonus, I have to limit this to the next 7, 5, 3, 2 people that join. 

Don’t sleep on this one, join today!
7: Eight (8) Group Coaching Online Mastermind Sessions …
Once you join, you will be sent your private invitation to join the live group coaching online mastermind sessions. Eight are planned for Q2 2023. 

PLUS, as a lifetime member of the Rai$ing Capital Academy, you will have FREE access to all previously recorded events, and all future mastermind sessions

Invest once … and enjoy the benefits for years to come.

The group and one-on-one coaching sessions alone are worth more than double your investment into the community.

This is your chance to finally build your Real Estate portfolio. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by saying YES.

8: No-Questions-Asked, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee…
Now, in addition to that incredible discount, lifetime access, adding a partner at no cost, 8 additional live group coaching calls and 1-on-one coaching (if you act FAST) … 

I want to make this a completely safe decision for you, so I’m also going to give you an Unprecedented Guarantee that’s unheard of… 

I’m going to give you a No-Questions-Asked, 60-day Money-Back guarantee. You can be part of the program for a full two months and still get your money back.

Follow along for the first 60 days within the community. If it’s not a fit for you for any reason? Just contact my support team at, and they’ll give you a prompt 100% refund.

From my calculations, on top of mastering the invaluable skill set of Rai$ing Capital, and locking in your lifetime price before the increase … you have access to the following limited-time bonuses:
Now I want to give you fair warning... 
This amazing offer will never be made available again at this ridiculously low investment. Why pay more later when you don’t have to?

My ultimate goal is to turn you into a successful Real Estate Investor/Entrepreneur, who can buy a ton of properties. I want to help you create an incredible new source of income, skyrocket your net worth and purpose in your life, and to ultimately set you free.

But in order to reach your goal … you. Must. TAKE. ACTION.  

I’m confident you’re ready to get started, that you’re serious about learning the skill, and that you’re ready to take action. You wouldn’t still be here otherwise…

From my point of view, there is no way you can lose here.

At a bare minimum, you have a full 60-days to go through the entire program risk-free. 

It should be obvious by now that you will NEVER find a better deal or opportunity, to master this must-have skill set, and change your financial future forever.


You’re just one Property AWAY from completely changing your financial future, and creating 6 or 7-figures in additional net worth.

You have absolutely nothing to risk, so don’t let this incredible opportunity pass you by.

Get Started Today, and Bust Through Your Biggest Real Estate Investing Obstacles...

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What Rai$ing Capital Academy Members Have to Say...
Angela P.
"We raised over 1 Million dollars to buy another 10 properties.  Step by step system... like a GPS, trust it, and you can do the same... Thank you Russell"
Brian B.
"I’m both super happy and relieved to say that my long quest for over 3 years to not only find the guidance but to have aligning values in a coach is finally over."
Julia P.
"The Raising Capital Academy keeps you in action, and there's just this great sense of community with the investors. It's a small enough group that there's no fear in asking questions"
Michael B.
"I am Raising capital from non-family members, in the chunks of hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time."
Sam P.
"Russell’s mentorship, was instrumental in helping me build the courage to do what was best for my family: acquire enough property to buy my time back and leave my job."
Tom S.
Tom has recently raised over $300,000 and his money partners are qualifying for the mortgages...
Zach C.
Zach secured his first Joint Venture (outside of family & friends). He is pumped & ready for more...
Eric L.
"I've been doing joint ventures passively for the last six years, but now it's time for me to become the expert in raising capital. And who else, no one else better than Russell Westcott to help me in doing so. A process he explains is much simpler than what I have learned before."
Aaron M.
 "I've been a member of the Raising Capital Academy since day 1. It's an incredible source of information, and networking. "
Wayne W.
"Your JV secrets, will help me buy 6 – 10 properties this year. There are now people starting to approach me with questions about investing in real estate and even expressing interest in doing deals with me."
Mike & Ania.
"We have access to amazing material. My favourite section by far is Standing on Shoulders of Giants. Russell interviews good people, who are doing really big things. It's very relatable, to learn from people that are doing, and people that have been down the path before us."
Thomas B.
"Russell is one of the best teachers I have seen in the Real Estate space, in Canada, and maybe even North America"... "He's the honestly the best I have met, in this space in my last 20 years in this business" (Thomas has purchased more than 2,000 apartment units and has raised more than $50 Million in Capital in the past 20 years.)
Thembi B.
"He has taken me from not knowing what a joint venture is ... to getting my first joint venture deal. It was his knowledge and expertise, which helped me get over the fear of approaching people and asking for money!
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