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Leadership, Support From A Community Of Seasoned Real Estate Investors And The Ability To Quickly Pivot During These Difficult Times...
Introducing: Real Estate Investors COVID-19 Success Resource Pack.  Real Tools Available For You to Use… TODAY!
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* 100% FREE- Instant Access to Tools & Resources *
Concerned Real Estate Investor;

There is no doubt things have changed, and how you manage the changes will be critical to your future success as a Real Estate Investor.

The feedback from our recent videos and webinars has been fantastic, so THANK YOU! I believe it's some of the most important work we've ever created. 
Well, it's pretty clear that about half of you are excited about the opportunities that will come from this crisis, and that the other half of you are stuck in fear.

What I'm going to share with you right now is required no matter which group you're in...

Now more than ever you need access to:
  • ​Real leadership, providing you with real tools to help you navigate through the murky waters.
  • ​Leaders that have been through challenging times and leaders with experience, not just theory. 
  • ​Plus, you need help and support from a community of people who understand the specific challenges we have as Real Estate business owners.
  • ​Finally, you need the ability to QUICKLY protect, pivot and generate revenue during these difficult times
Coming up with a solution that can provide all four wasn't easy.

Just a small sampling of the tools available:
  • ​Tenant communication tools flyers, infographics, and professional resources, so you can ‘copy and paste’ proven templates
  • ​3 sequence letter/email campaign to share with your tenants, so you can be proactive vs reactive and protect your income
  • ​Property dashboard spreadsheets, so you keep track of your communication, your payments, mortgages, utilities and more
  • ​Tenant deferral agreements (if needed), so you can create professional documents to add to your lease agreements, and protect yourself
  • ​Essential Property Management strategies, so you can protect your rental income and secure the best tenants.
  • ​Veteran wisdom and leadership from people who have navigated challenging times before, so you can draw strength and guidance from people who have been done this path before you
  • ​Business planning tools including:
  • ​Cash flow planning spreadsheets
  • ​Clean-up, project management template
  • ​SWOT analysis
  • ​Opportunity identifier templates
  • ​Creating vs consuming worksheets 
  • More than 24 templates, checklists, agreements and cheatsheets available
  • ​​And much more…
These tools and resources will be updated regularly, keep checking back for all the brand new materials.

Currently there are more than 9 hours of professionally edited video and audio content to help support you on your journey.

Plus each week this will grow, as new materials are added.

Once you dive head-first into all the tools you have available you will quickly see that we easily could charge $500+ for access to these timely materials. 

Part of my commitment to support, guide and lead Real Estate investors during these times we’ve made the decision to make these resources available, for everyone who wants them, at no cost to you during the COVID-19 outbreak.

I can’t guarantee these resources will be free forever, so I suggest you dive in today.

We’re in this together, you are not alone…
Russell Westcott 
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