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Angela P.
"We raised over 1 Million dollars to buy another 10 properties.  Step by step system... like a GPS, trust it, and you can do the same... Thank you Russell"
Brian B.
"I’m both super happy and relieved to say that my long quest for over 3 years to not only find the guidance but to have aligning values in a coach is finally over."
Julia P.
"The Raising Capital Academy keeps you in action, and there's just this great sense of community with the investors. It's a small enough group that there's no fear in asking questions"
Michael B.
"I am Raising capital from non-family members, in the chunks of hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time."
Thembi B.
"Russell has taken me from knowing nothing about what a joint venture is to be able to get my first joint venture deal. It was his knowledge and expertise, which helped me get over the fear of approaching people and asking for money!"
My name is Russell Westcott, recently I started this exclusive Ra$ing Capital Academy community.

An online community of passionate action orientated Real Estate investors dedicated to helping support each other to overcome one of the most significant obstacles you will encounter as a Real Estate Investor- where to find the money to keep moving forward…

Don’t let a lack of money hold you back from building your Real Estate portfolio of your dreams, check out the Rai$ing Capital Academy. 

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